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I educate practitioners on how to grow their practice, allow them to help more people than ever before and ensure that their business is consistent and efficient.

What We Do

Accredited Courses

We offer accredited courses to deliver you as much knowledge
about maximizing your productivity and enhancing your practice to it's full capabilities.


Practice Transformation

Transform your practice by subscribing to this online course which will take you through strategy and tactics on growing your practice the right way. Jump start your career path with Practice Transformation now.


Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching emails sent directly to your inbox. You will receive the latest in business for the health industry. Matt makes it easier than ever to be cutting edge.


Practitioner E-books

Coming this Fall to Amazon, “An Essential Business Mindset for the Healthcare Professional”.


What People Are Saying

  •  "The concepts taught are essential to building a successful and BUSY practice!"                   - Jason Scott, RMT

  •  "Matt has a unique charismatic style that is both engaging and refreshingly appreciated in business training."   - Paula Littlejohn, MHS, CHES

  • "I wish they had taught this stuff in school!  What a difference it has made!"                            - Greg Yurechko, RMT

  •  "These courses helped me to recognize the underlying issue that was holding me back with my business." - Dr. Asal Shalviri, ND

  • "I would not have been as successful without Matt's guidance and expertise!"                         - Jasmin Schenk, RMT

  •  "I am able to build trust easier, and my patients have more confidence in my expertise."   - Danielle Scheier, Kinesiologist

Matt Furlot

A healthcare professional since 1997, Matt Furlot combines business expertise with healthcare to create success after success. Whether its the practitioner, the clinic owner, or the patient’s experience, Matt’s strategies and systems will help you build the practice of your dreams!

Providing knowledge, tools and strategy to ensure healthy success

Offering online training for practitioners, accredited courses, and e-books for health care practitioners.

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