About HealthMedMastery

hmm-logo-webHealthMedMastery was founded by Matt Furlot with the vision to assist healthcare practitioners give the best service and experience for their patients, while creating substantial financial wealth with industry specific business methods.  It is a common trend across the country that business education is limited during formal health studies, resulting in the majority of professionals beginning their careers unprepared in creating a successful practice or clinic.  HealthMedMastery gives you access to information and tools that have taken Matt years to build, through working with leaders both in business and healthcare.  He has developed various platforms, both live accredited courses or on-line format, to help educate and create immediate and massive success in both your practice and clinic.

About Matt Furlot

A healthcare professional since 1997, Matt Furlot combines business expertise with healthcare to create success after success. Whether its the practitioner, the clinic owner, or the patient’s experience, Matt’s strategies and systems will help you build the practice of your dreams!

Matt has been featured in several professional journals, major media networks, and has been a sought-after speaker for universities, professional associations, and business success groups (click here to see Matt’s C.V.).

Like the person who gets a job in the mail-room and works themselves up to management; Matt has learned these success systems through the years, building on successes, learning from mistakes, and networking with the leading experts in both medical and business.

The educational training material has been structured specifically for healthcare professionals.  The business of running your practice, or even a clinic, is NOT the same as running a realtor estate office, an insurance company, or a grocery store. Business is different in healthcare – many people do not like to even think of it as “business”.  But if we ignore the business-side to your practice and clinic, you will never become master of your finances.  Your practice will run you, rather than you running your dream practice.  In healthcare, marketing and sales function in a completely unique way.  Social Media and website blogging can have completely different outcomes.  In healthcare, YOU are the product you are selling!  This has incredible challenges, but what Matt will show you, can also be the key to your success.

As a Trainer, Matt delivers a transparent and honest message based on experience.  He uses his own experiences, his own systems and processes, and illustrates lessons from the hundreds of professionals he’s coached and trained over the years.  From Massage Therapists to Chiropractors, Naturopaths to Physiotherapists, Medical Doctors or Kinesiologists; Matt has helped transform practices and clinics into dramatic successes with his simple concepts and teachings.

Are you serious about developing your practice? Learn more about how HealthMedMastery can increase your knowledge and business skills to bring maximum success.