Clinic Builder Workshop

Clinic Builder


This is a 1-day certificate course, and is 8 hours in duration. 


Clinic Builder is specific to clinic owners, people working in clinic management positions, or practitioners who want to start a new clinic.  This course will help you understand the essential business aspects of operating a successful clinic, leading a team of practitioners, and creating systems to ensure growth and an exceptional reputation. Creating a brand, marketing, financials, and developing an outstanding patient experience “from receptionist to practitioner” are the goals of this exciting and rewarding certificate course.

Delivery of Content 

This course will be primarily a lecture and PowerPoint format. There are guided introspective and group learning activities throughout the day. There will be a certificate of participation awarded at the completion of the course.


  1. Impart a business mindset for the clinic business owner. To be able to see and understand the business-side of their clinic.
  2. To understand “brand” and how to sculpt the desired brand of your healthcare facility.
  3. To impart leadership skills that inspire practitioners and staff which develops your health team.
  4. To establish the difference in behavioral vs environmental systems of success, and how to utilize these best in your business.
  5. To understand and differentiate between operating a clinic and running a successful business.
  6. To understand basic financial markers such as expenses, profit, gross margin, and cash-flow.
  7. To create a financial strategy to REMOVE yourself as an “earner” in your clinic, and form an exit strategy while creating financial freedom.
  8. To understand why creating a niche for your clinic is important, and how easy it can be.
  9. To understand how to position your clinic as a first choice in healthcare.
  10. To develop an online system utilizing your website & social media platforms that generate leads and further positions your clinic.


Morning (8:30-12:00)

Creating a Business Mindset for a Clinic Owner

  • A paradigm shift in understanding your business.
  • The difference of operating vs running a business.

Brand & Marketing your Healthcare Clinic

  • Knowing exactly what your brand is, and then how to shift it.
  • Use your Brand to market your facility. Creating your Positioning Statement and using it to generate desired leads.

 Afternoon (1:00-5:30)

Financial Know-how

  • Essential systems & tools to account, measure, and grow your business.
  • Spreadsheet Templates are included!

Building Your Team

  • Leadership skills to build your team.
  • How to have practitioners seek you, rather than you search for them.
  • Understand why expert positioning is so important for your business.

Website & Social Media that Generates Makes Massive Profit

  • How to get your website see by the people you want.
  • Creating a system to generate massive leads and positioning.
  • Facebook, YouTube, Website Blog, and LinkedIn will be focused platforms