Practice Builder Workshop

Practice Builder


This is a 1-day certificate course, and is 8 hours in duration.


Practice Builder is all about creating systems of success for the health professional in private practice. This course will help you understand the business-side of your practice, and help you create methods to build immediate practice growth through improved results you get with your patients. Communication skills, treatment concepts, business methods, and building a successful and rewarding career are the goals of this engaging and eye-opening certificate course.

Delivery of Content 

This course will be primarily a lecture and PowerPoint format. There are guided introspective and group learning activities throughout the day. There will be a certificate of participation awarded at the completion of the course.


  1. Impart a business mindset for the healthcare professional. To be able to see and understand the business-side of their practice.
  2. To utilize a best-practice model of healthcare to generate fast patient results.
  3. To impart communication skills that creates patient compliance through confidence in the professional’s treatment plan.
  4. To establish the difference in behavioral vs environmental systems of success, and how to utilize these best in business.
  5. To understand and differentiate options of financial security in private practice.
  6. To create a simple and effective bookkeeping and accounting method for a sole proprietor.
  7. To better understand what your personal vision is for your practice and career.
  8. To understand why creating a niche is important, and how easy it can be.
  9. To understand how to position yourself as an expert in your niche.
  10. To create a social media system that generates leads and further positions yourself as an expert.


Morning (8:30-12:00)

Creating a Business Mindset in Healthcare

  • A paradigm shift in understanding your business.
  • A fresh understanding that once you get it, you will never look at your practice the same again!

Immediate & Massive Practice Growth, Ethically & Authentically

  • A patient-focused model of building a reputable practice.
  • Double or even triple your practice while discharging patients sooner than ever. No, that’s not a typo!

Afternoon (1:00-5:30)

Financial Know-how

  • Essential systems & tools to account, protect, and grow your business.
  • Spreadsheet Templates are included!

Building Your Expertise and Leveraging for Success

  • Simple and powerful methods to create a niche in your industry, and to grow into becoming the “expert” in your field.
  • Understand why expert positioning is so important for your business.

Social Media in Healthcare

  • Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Creating a system to generate massive leads and positioning.
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be focused platforms