• I found the courses very helpful.  I have had quicker results with clients using the communication and treatment plan tools.  I am able to build trust easier, and my patients have more confidence in my expertise.  I am now seeing more motivated clients which has made my life more easier, and my practice fuller.  It’s a win-win situation!  Thanks!  -Danielle Scheier, Kinesiologist 
  • Matt has a unique charismatic style that is both engaging and refreshingly appreciated in business training.  He is an expert in health business and provides information that is digestible and readily applicable–truly a master in his field! -Paula Littlejohn, MHS, CHES, Health Educator 
  • Learning the business side of the medical industry from Matt has taught me so much on how to maximize my time and achieve optimal results for my patients. -Adryon Hutton, RMT
  • The concepts taught are essential to building a successful and BUSY practice!  -Jason Scott, RMT 
  • These courses helped me to recognize the underlying issue that was holding me back with my business.  I found these sessions very enlightening and decided to incorporate a number of the recommendations into my practice.  As a result, I feel more organized and feel that I am running my practice more efficiently.  I highly recommend practitioners attend these power sessions to learn how to build a successful and efficient practice.  -Dr. Asal Shalviri, ND 
  • I probably would not have been as successful without Matt’s guidance and expertise!  -Jasmin Schenk, RMT 
  • Matt’s clinic is a shining example of a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.  He has created a template that provides other burgeoning healthcare providers how to create their own successful practice.  -Alanna Kennie, RMT 
  • This is an excellent tool for students fresh out of school who don’t have previous business experience. It provides insight on how to create a successful business and gives a great patient-to-therapist relationship guideline! -Amanda Wilson, RMT
  • I wish they taught this stuff in school!  -Greg Yurechko, RMT